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Mathematics I: Linear Algebra I

The course „Mathematics I: Linear Algebra I“ is part of the module „Mathematics I“, which consists of 50% each of Analysis (UHH) and Linear Algebra (TUHH). The part „Linear Algebra I“ deals with the basics of linear algebra in Euclidean space. Central topics are: Vectors in $\mathbb{R}^n$, linear systems of equations and matrices, determinants, analytical geometry and orthogonality.

Motivation for an e-examination:
The automated correction of the electronic exam avoids the correction effort of 300-500 working hours in a written exam. The contents of the exam „Linear Algebra I“ are less abstract (concrete vectors and matrices) than in the lecture „Linear Algebra II“ (Function spaces and linear operators) and are therefore well suited for electronic exams. For more information see Gallaun, Kruse & Seifert, 2019, 2020.
E-exam with automated correction
Maple T.A., secured by Safe Exam Browser
exercises, midterm and mock exam in Maple T.A. during the lecture period (see Glessmer, Seifert, Dostal, Konchakova, Kruse, 2016, Glessmer et al., 2016, Kruse et al., 2017, Glessmer & Seifert, 2017). An FAQ to Maple T.A. for students can be found here.

WiSe 2019/20

Prof. Dr. Marko Lindner
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D2.022 (and K1520)
100 Laptops (and 30 Laptops)
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