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Digitization is increasingly finding its way into teaching and, as a result, the question of whether it is worthwhile switching to the electronic version also arises in the case of the much-loved paper exams. Advantages that speak in favor of an electronic exam, or e-exam for short, include an increase in the quality of the exam, e.g. by integrating specialist software, or the possibility of automated correction and the associated rapid feedback for the examinee. In addition, an automated correction is unbiased, the anonymity of the students is directly taken into account. Even contactless online remote examination is possible in electronic form (see Gallaun, Kruse, Lindner & Seifert 2020).

However, one of the prerequisites for such an e-exam is the existence of the necessary infrastructure and equipment. For this purpose, Hamburg’s MINTFIT-project provides a mobile test center for electronic examinations, which was successfully used at the TUHH for the first time in the summer semester 2019.

Set-up of the mobile test center in room D2.022
E-examination in "Graph Theory & Optimization" in the summer semester 2019

MINTFIT Hamburg is a joint project of the universities HAW, HCU, TUHH, UHH and the university hospital UKE, which is funded by the authority Behörde für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Gleichstellung (BWFG).

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If you are interested in e-examination, would like support or advice or apply for an e-examination, please contact Julian Großmann or Jan Meichsner by e-mail. However, please read through the FAQ first and pay attention to the given deadlines.