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An important point in the question of whether one should conduct a classic examination (pen & paper) or an e-examination is that this is not an either-or question, but that a mixture of both types of exams is also possible (hybrid exam). In this way the advantages of both types can be used.

The advantages of electronic examination (e-examination), such as the integration of software, increased interactivity and automated correction, can be seen. However, as soon as the actual implementation is underway, various questions arise, ranging from the type of software to be used, to the creation of tasks, to audit planning.

We will be happy to support and advise you with the help of our accumulated experience and the means at our disposal, including

Further information on electronic examinations at the TUHH, including legal issues and the archiving of examinations, can be found in our guide (Kruse & Seifert 2018).

To apply for an electronic examination with the mobile test center, the following deadlines must be observed:

This is due to the fact that the mobile test center is jointly used by several Hamburg universities and therefore necessary capacities have to be planned. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered for the semester in question, but only for the following semester resp. year.

If you are interested in e-examination, would like support or advice or apply for an e-examination, please contact the Arbeitsstelle MINTFIT Hamburg (AMH) by e-mail.

If you need advice on didactic questions regarding e-examinations, please contact the ZLL.
If you need a webserver, wish to use the 30 laptops in the room K1520 or computer pools for your examination, please contact the computer center of the TUHH.

Combined e-examination in D2.022 and computer pools in Computer science for mechanical engineers in the winter semester 2019/20