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25.01.21 15:00 Zoom The Korteweg-de Vries equation on graphs
Christian Seifert
12.01.21 09:00 Online (Zoom). Zugangsdaten in der Einladung. "New Algorithms for Block-Structured Integer Programming: Theory and Practice" (Bachelorarbeit)
Vanessa Oetjen, E-10 / E-11 (Prof. Mnich)


Meeting ID: 875 3553 8628
Passcode: 750232
11.01.21 15:00 Zoom Stabilization of Control Systems in Banach Spaces
Dennis Gallaun
04.01.21 15:00 Zoom Something with ... wait for it ... networks and robots*
Sonja Otten

Production processes are usually investigated using models and methods from queueing theory (queue = line where people wait for goods or services). Control of warehouses and their optimization rely on models and methods from inventory theory. Both theories are fields of Operations Research, but they comprise quite different methodologies and techniques. In classical Operations Research these theories are considered as disjoint research areas. Today's emergence of complex supply chains (=production-inventory networks) calls for integrated production-inventory models, which are focus of my research. We have developed Markov process models for several production-inventory systems and derived the steady state distribution of the global system. For most of the production-inventory systems the obtained steady state is of product form. This enables us to analyse the long term average costs with the aim to find the optimal inventory size.
In my talk, I focus on a basic production-inventory model and present the essentials of the other models. Furthermore, I show the connection to the industrial project “Robotic Mobile fulfillment system”.

*title by Karsten Kruse
07.12.20 15:00 Zoom Vector-valued holomorphic functions in several variables
Karsten Kruse
30.11.20 15:00 Zoom r-cross t-intersecting families via necessary intersection points
Yannick Mogge
23.11.20 15:00 Zoom About myself, my master thesis and current/future research
Judith Angel

An overview about the master thesis will be given, treating numerical methods for solving a PDE-constrained optimization problem. Afterwards, an outlook on advanced numerical methods for PDEs and modelling of tsunamis will be presented.
16.11.20 16:15 Online (Zoom Link folgt) "Geodesics with few colour changes in the hypercube" (Bachelorarbeit)
Branko Schaub
16.11.20 15:00 Zoom From Stein's Method to Stochastic Geometry
Matthias Schulte

Stein's method is a powerful technique to establish convergence in distribution of a sequence of random variables to a standard Gaussian random variable. After an introduction to this approach, its application to several problems from stochastic geometry is discussed.
13.10.20 16:00 Zoom Overview on Axon and Myelin Segmentation of Microscopy Data Using Convolutional Neural Networks [Forschungsprojektarbeit]
Ruhullah Najafi