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DETN 2016 - Workshop Dirichlet Forms, Operator Theory and Mathematical Physics

Organised by Ali Ben Amor (Gabes), Christian Seifert (TU Hamburg)
Funded by DAAD

December 5, 2016 - December 9, 2016
(Arrival: December 4, Departure: December 10).
Hotel Medina Belisaire, Hammamet, Tunisia.
(Participants should ask for the all inclusive package. For participants from Germany it may even be more convenient to book an all inclusive package including flight and Hotel via FTI or Schauinsland.)


The schedule can be found here.
We will have 2 main talks by Ali Ben Amor:

Furthermore, there will be talks of PhD students:

The articles which will be discussed during the workshop are:


Here is a list of participants. Please fill in your details here. Everyone will be assigned to one team by the organizers.

Team A
Ali Ben Amor Gabes ali_ben05@yahoo.de Professor (Orga)
Drissi Amor Bizerte amordrissi@yahoo.fr PostDoc
Mohamed Ben Mohamed SalahTunis mohamed123salah@gmail.com Phd student
Jeridi, Nader Gabes djeridinader@gmail.com Phd student
Florian Fischer Potsdam florifis@uni-potsdam.de Master Student
Hamdi Sabrine hamdisabrine92@gmail.com
Team C
Karsten Kruse TU Hamburg karsten.kruse@tuhh.de PostDoc
Amina Thabet Gabes maino.88@live.com PhD student
Mouldi Seddik Tunis El Manarseddikmouldi@gmail.com Phd student
Balti, Mounir Tunis El Manarmounir.balti@gmail.com PhD student
Faten Belgacem Gabes fatenbelgacem1@hotmail.com PHD student
Team D
Kennedy, James Stuttgart james.kennedy@mathematik.uni-stuttgart.dePostDoc
Christian Seifert TU Hamburg christian.seifert@tuhh.de PostDoc (Orga)
Sahbi Boussandel Bizerte sahbi.boussandel@yahoo.fr Associate Professor
Soltani Amine Tunis El Manaraminesoltani@hotmail.fr Phd student
Dennis Gallaun TU Hamburg dennis.gallaun@tuhh.de Student
Snoun, Safa snoun.safa@gmail.com
Team E
Sami Mourou Gabès sami.mourou@fst.utm.tn Post Doc
Christian Rose TU Chemnitz christian.rose@mathematik.tu-chemnitz.de PhD student
Imen Metoui Tunis El Manarimen.metoui@fst.utm.tn PhD student
Khalfallah, Mohamed Monastir khalfallah.Mohamed91@gmail.com Phd student
Youssef Azouzi IPEST josefazouzi@gmail.com PostDoc
Team F
Belhaj Rhouma Nedra Tunis Nedra.belhajrhouma@fst.rnu.tn Professor
Soumaya Belhaj Ali MourouTunis El Manarbh.soumaya@yahoo.fr Phd Student
Sayeb Wahid Kairaouen wahid.sayeb@yahoo.fr PostDoc
Hanen Mhemdi Gabes hanenmhemdi@gmail.com student
Mensi, Mounir Monastir mounirmensi@yahoo.fr Maître-Assistant
Team G
Jan Meichsner TU Hamburg jan.meichsner@tuhh.de PhD student
Rafed Moussa Tunis rafed.moussa@gmail.com Phd student
Bekkey, Chokri Monastir chokri.bekkey@gmail.com
Ben salha, Imed Monastir imed.bensalha@gmail.com Maître-assistant
Hichem, BelHadjAli Nabeul Hichem.BelHadjAli@ipein.rnu.tn PostDoc

Slides of talks

Here is a zip-file containing the slides of the talks.

Idea of the workshop

The participants are grouped into small teams. Each team has to work through one article, to understand the content and to give a presentation on it. The teams are encouraged to prepare slides for the presentation, which can be uploaded here. Each team has its own page with a discussion forum to ask and/or answer questions on the paper. Additionally, every participant is asked to fill in the details in the List of Participants page by clicking on the edit button on the right.

Everybody interested in this meeting should feel free to contact any of the organisers for further information and/or to pass on information on this meeting!