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Fractional Powers of Linear operators

Working Groups: Lehrstuhl Angewandte Analysis

Collaborators (MAT): Jan Meichsner, Dr. habil. Christian Seifert, Dennis Gallaun, M. Sc., Dr. Karsten Kruse


This research topic deals with so-called fractional powers of linear operators in Banach or even more general locally convex spaces. Roughly it is about defining and studying operators of the form \(A^{\alpha}\) for a given ?base operator? \(A\), a typically closed but discontinuous linear operator with some further properties, and a complex power \(\alpha \in \mathbb{C}\).

Such fractional operators show up at various occasions in mathematics. To mention a concrete instance, many constructions in the realm of fractional calculus, that is fractional derivatives and integrals, can be understood as applications of the abstract operator theoretic setting to concrete differential and integral operators. Another example is the Caffarelli-Silvestre or harmonic extension in which fractional powers correspond to some kind of generalised Dirichlet-to-Neumann Operator for an ODE in a Banach space.

A possible way to tackle them is subordination, an instance of a general functional calculus called Hille-Phillips calculus for the generators of \(C_0\)-Semigroups.



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