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02/13/02 10:00 am Schwarzenbergstrasse 95, Room 3.053 Ein Verfahren der Ordnung (1+sqrt(3))zur Bestimmung des kleinsten Eigenwertes einer Toeplitz Matrix
Aleksandra Kostic

In this article we compare the set of integer points in the homothetic copy ${n\Pi}$ of a lattice polytope ${\Pi\subseteq{{\mathbb R}}^d}$ with the set of all sums${ x_1+\ldots +xn}$ with ${x_1,\ldots,x_n\in \Pi\cap{{\mathbb Z}}^d}$ and ${n\in{{\mathbb N}}}$. We give conditions on the polytope ${\Pi}$ under which these two sets coincide and we discuss two notions of boundary for subsets of${{{\mathbb Z}}^d}$ or, more generally, subsets of a finitely generated discrete group.