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Machine Learning methods for Parallel-in-time algorithms

Working Groups: Chair Computational Mathematics

Collaborators (MAT): Abdul Qadir Ibrahim, M. Sc., Prof. Dr. Daniel Ruprecht, Dr. Sebastian Götschel


We explore the use of machine learning based coarse propagators in the Parareal parallel-in-time algorithm. The aim is to solve nonlinear time-dependent partial differential equations faster. We consider, as an example, the time-dependent nonlinear Black-Scholes equation, which may be used to value financial options and to calculate implied volatilities. We will show that that an ML-based coarse propagator can lead to faster Parareal convergence. Faster convergence would mean better speedup which, in turn, could help to build financial analysis tools that enable traders to make a rapid and systematic evaluation of buy/sell contracts.

Publications and Manuscripts

[1] Debia Wakhloo, Scharkowski, Franziska, Abdul Qadir Ibrahim et al., Functional hypoxia drives neuroplasticity and neurogenesis via brain erythropoietin, Nature Communications 11, Article number: 1313 (2020), 2020.